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There’s a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do…

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There's a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do... So if YOU feel like I feel the love of the Earth... well YOU can be an EARTH WARRIOR too!

This video production was made as a 100% non-profit Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement by OMNIA together with their Fans and Enviromental Eco-warriors from all around the globe!

Listen to it, enjoy it and SHARE this musical message with as many human-monkeys as possible! .... and then get Monkey-Wrenching!


What Meetings Feel Like For Engineers

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I'm sure, a lot of engineers can find them selves in this situation ;-)


United. One of the songs by Playing For Change

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"We are a world of 7 bilion people. Our 7 billion hearts are united in song."

Thank you to all the people who made this possible I really enjoyed this wonderful piece.

"I wanna see the world united, learn to live as one."

"We have to bring the world together, learn to live as one."


Playing for Change

Mix playlist of Playing for Change


How important is it to take a picture of something?

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Some people don't take pictures of them selves, just make others happy with a shot someone else takes..

But some, have to take a picture of everything they do in their life... Like...

How important is a picture for a girl these days in 2014


Dutch WK joke: “Moet jij niet naar het voetbal kijken?”

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A nice T-Shirt to have if you are in the bar watching the WK :-p

Moet jij niet naar het voetbal kijken

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