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Rapidlea – online learning software

Posted by mariusvw

At Bitfactory the design and development monkeys are hard working on a new project. Rapidlea!

Rapidlea 1

Rapidlea is an eLearning tool to make learning easy, affordable and accessible. Anywhere and anytime.

If you want to read on and learn some more about Rapidlea. Check out their website at

And not to forget... Be sure to vote for this kickstart project at

"Stop wasting your precious time and money on complex eLearning solutions. Discover how Rapidlea enables you to create, publish, analyze and manage online courses in a simple and inexpensive way."

Rapidlea 2

Like we all know, you are never too old to learn ;-)


How to add a border to Terminal in Mac OS X

Posted by mariusvw

If you use the standard of Mac OS X you might have noticed that in the latest versions of Mac OS X there is no border on the left and bottom side. And if you have scrollbars invisible by default you also have no scrollbar on the right.

Since there seems no default solution in Mac OS X to get these borders I made a way to work around this...
The solution works by using the background feature of Terminal.

In that background I've added the left and bottom line, then load that into the background of Terminal. And there is a border ;-)

Example images (right click, save as...):
- terminal_border_bg.jpg :: With scrollbar always visible
- terminal_border_bg_noscroll.jpg :: With scrollbar invisible (shows when scrolling)

Here you can see the problem that occurs.

Terminal Border 1

In the preferences tab you can set the background image

Terminal Border 2

Select "Choose..." from the background selector

Terminal Border 4

Select the image you want to use and click "Open". (you could use my example images here)

Terminal Border 5

The result :-)

Terminal Border 6


How to get access to “Detect Displays” on Mac OS X

Posted by mariusvw

Since Mac OS X 10.8 it seems they have made the "Detect Displays" button optional in the display preferences.

If you use a beamer for presentations it might become handy to gain access to this button the get the beamer started. Not all beamers support connection detection and would simply not power on when you connect the cable.

Now, where to find this button...

Goto your system preferences:

Mac OS X - Detect displays, 1

Then goto the display settings:

Mac OS X - Detect displays, 2

You will notice that there is no button or there might be a button "Gather Windows", in my case there is no button at all:

Mac OS X - Detect displays, 3

Now hold the Alt-key on your keyboard... And some magic happens... There is the Detect Displays button...

Mac OS X - Detect displays, 4

I hope this helps you out getting that external device you need up and running...


Tipsy sleeping on my arm

Posted by mariusvw

He had a hard day playing ;-)



Best wishes for 2014

Posted by mariusvw

We wish you all the best for 2014 :-)


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