How to determine the partition sizes of your disk for FreeBSD usage

Partition sizes

First of all, what I mostly do. I press A for the default partitions and then raise them. Below are some default sizes who are advised.

partition mountpoint size SoftUpdates my size
a / 1GB N 1GB
b SWAP 2-3x RAM size 2x RAM size
d /var 512MB to 4096MB Y 5GB
e /tmp 1GB Y 1GB
f /usr Rest of disk (at least 8GB) Y Rest

For the root partition it might be smart to keep track of how large the kernel is.

This size was a default of 512MB but this is too small to install 2 kernels (kernel and kernel.old).

Another thing is the /tmp partition, this defaults to 512MB, raise it to 1GB (for tar / gzip etc)