Having fun on April 1st with SSH and Mac OS X

Inspired by the latest MacAddict’s April Fools’ pranks, here are some very handy commands to remotely control a computer of which you are an administrator. These are most useful in a family environment where you own and administer the others’ computers. They also work well over AirPort.

First, you need to ssh to the computer using your admin account. Then, you can type in any or all of the following commands.

[robg adds: Read the rest of the article for the pranks. Please note that some of these are quite nasty! Using your power as Admin to remotely reboot someone’s machine, for example, is a simply horrendous thing to do. With that said, however, some of the following would be quite fun to do to someone with a good sense of humor…]

Note: Commands that are shown on two lines have the second line indented by two spaces. Enter the command on one line, removing all but one space between the end of the first displayed line and the start of the second…

Absolutely nasty:

Note: using ‘sudo open’ over ssh does not give the user super-user privileges for the opened application.




iTunes Control:

Have fun, but not too much fun!

Source: http://hints.macworld.com