How to use trackpad tap-to-click on login window and by default Laptop Macs

On my first Macbook I enabled this setting since it is more logical to use.
Why wouldn’t you want to enable it? It works faster 🙂

I couldn’t remember how I did it but glad someone else posted it online (which I should have done in the first place!).

Simply use the defaults tool on the commandline to write the tabBehavior to the Global Preferences file.

Reboot and you should have enabled the tap-to-click behavior 🙂

Optionally you could enable this for the Bluetooth Trackpad with your Macbook, Mac Mini or iMac.
I’m not sure, but I believe that this is the default on Mountain Lion since it was already set to 1 at a fresh installed laptop.

Happy clicking! 🙂


Original post

I prefer having tap-to-click enabled on my MacBook Pro. However, it’s always been annoying to me that when I was at the login screen, I had to use the trackpad button. I asked one of the Geniuses at the local Mac store, and he told me it wasn’t possible. Not believing that it wasn’t possible, I spent some time googling and looking around for the setting.

After some digging, I found it in a hidden preferences file called .GlobalPreferences.plist in my user’s Library/Preferences folder. I found the same file in the top-level /Library/Preferences folder, and then added the setting as a class of Number with a value of 1 and saved the file.

Now my login screen works the way I expect it to, and as an added benefit, new user accounts now default to having tap-to-click enabled.

Thanks to the people for posting this at MacWorld!