How to disable MobileBackup and Time Machine local backups in Mac OS X

For my work I use a Macbook Air with a 128GB disk. After a week working on it I noticed that I used about 26GB without adding new applications or downloading anything more than some PHP scripts.

So I started wondering, could it have something to do with the local backup feature since Mac OS X Lion.
While searching for information about this I also noticed that a mount ‘MobileBackups’ existed on my machine.

I like the idea of Time Machine backing up to an external harddisk, but I don’t need a full main harddisk of backups.

Timemachine Logo

Like the most features in Mac OS X, you can disable them. So, I checked out if anyone already found a solution for this. This search gave me the information how to disable the local backups using Terminal.

Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities and enter the following command:

This will instantly disable the local backups and remove a lot of files. Resulting in a lot more free disk space 😀

In case you would like to re-enable the backup feature. You can simply enter the following command.

Thanks for sharing this info. So I re-share 😉