How to test the Spammyness of your Emails with

When sending newsletters or mails from a webshop or any other automated service, you want to be sure that your mail has a good chance of being received correctly at the recipient.

You don’t want your email to be marked as spam or even worse being trashed due high spam probability.


To test this, there is a service which works quite well, Mail Tester.




Their service gives you the ability to send your message to an unique mail address just for you.

They test the email for a lot of things:

  • Mail Headers
  • SpamAssassin
  • HTML
  • How many text compared to other content
  • Image use
  • SPF
  • DKIM
  • Blacklists
  • Broken links


These are the most common mistakes which cause mail to be trashed by spamfilters or if the “spamming” goes on too long it will get your server blacklisted.


How to use it? Even your kids can test with this…

  1. Go to
  2. Copy the mail address you see in the middle of the page.
  3. Send your mail to this mail address and wait about 10 seconds.
  4. Click the “Then check your score” button and view your results.
  5. Make corrections to your mail if needed.




If you are not experienced with the technical part how to configure your mailserver and mail headers correctly be sure to ask someone who does have the experience to help you out.

Doing this wrong can seriously bring your server into problems and get you blacklisted from days, weeks, months or years depending of your spam score.


For example, to correct the Envelope-From header correctly you should provide the PHP mail() function with the correct parameters.

In my case this would be:

I hope you can make your mail become perfect for spamfilters and received successfully by your recipient.